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The Steelhead Whetstone

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    The stone comes with two grit variations: The coarser 1000-grit side gets your dull blade sharp as original quickly; while the 6000-grit polishes and smooths the sharpened knife, finishing the sharpening process. The base is made from bamboo and padded with rubber, keeping it in place. An additional silicone base sits between the stone and the base, keeping the whole unit stable while sharpening. The angled guider holds the knife at the correct angle allowing, even beginners, to safely apply consistent pressure to sharpen knives.


    With this whetstone cutlery sharpening stone, you get two grit variations. When are you going to need them? Well, the coarse grit is 1000-grit, and it can get that dull blade back to its sharpened point quickly. There's also a 6000-grit side, which smooths and polishes your sharpened knife. You need that to finish the process and get rid of any metal shavings. Dual grit sharpening is an excellent choice for most people, and whetstone knife sharpening is a great thing to master. We know how tough it can be, but you just have to practice! Our dual-grit whetstone knife sharpener is thin and easy to handle. On top of that, it has the features that you know and love. You can use it on all the knives in your home, though it doesn't work well for serrated knives.



    Every water stone needs to have a base that you hold onto. That way, you're not rubbing away the skin on your hands. That's no fun! The sharpening whetstone offers a bamboo base, so it's going to look amazing in the kitchen. You don't even need to keep it in the drawer. Let it sit out so that you always remember to use your water stone! You're going to like the base features some rubber padding to help it stay in place. That way, it's not going to move around all the time when you're not using it. Sharpening kitchen knives is much easier with the added silicone base. This sits right between the base and water stone to keep the unit stable while you're sharpening your knives!


    Angle Guide

    Grit sharpening is the best way to go here, but we also included an angled guider to help you hold your knives at the right angle. That way, you can apply the right amount of pressure when sharpening your tools. It's also safer, so beginners can use the water stone easily!